Purpose-Built Goods

As a watch nerd, I spent years looking for a well-made travel case that was super strong, made from nice materials, compact enough to easily fit in a briefcase, and didn't have a comma in the price tag. Leather rolls and sleeves didn't cut it for me because they lack basic protection and wear out over time, and I knew there had to be a better way. I founded Temporal Goods to pursue this problem, and the result is our Rigid Watch Case on sale today that’s made from aircraft-grade carbon fiber and machined aluminum. I built the Rigid Case using the same design and manufacturing technologies that I learned as an engineer building racecars.

All of our products are made to blend in on your desk and match your watch's meticulous attention to detail. We manufacture our components in the USA where possible and utilize durable, long-life materials to complement your watch's longevity.

Our products are here to #ProtectYourTime

- Ansel, Founder

Our Ethos

Engineering with form and function on equal footing. Reimagining products that have been made the same way for decades
Engineering with form and function on equal footing
Produced Responsibly
Where possible, we source components from places where workers are paid a living wage. Our Rigid Case is made in the USA
Mindfulness of workers' need for a living wage
Built for Longevity
We use long-life materials that are here for the long term. If an issue arises, you can communicate directly with us (the manufacturer), not an outsourced third party
Long-life materials + direct communication with the manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my watch fit? What if it doesn't?

The Rigid Case is designed to hold watches up to 46mm in size and wrist sizes up to ~8.0in / 20cm. If your watch does not readily fit in the Rigid Case, you can return the product for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

For extra large wrist sizes (>8.0in / 20cm), we can make a custom case for a surcharge of $50. If you require a custom XL case, please email support@temporalgoods.com to initiate a custom order.

Will the case show wear?

Yes, the case's exterior will show wear over time, a sign that the case is doing its job and preventing that wear from making its way to your watch. Display your case's wear with pride, it means that you've gone places and done things.

Such cosmetic wear does not impact the functional and structural integrity of the case.

How does my watch fit inside the Rigid Case?

All interior surfaces of the Rigid Case are covered in foam-lined microsuede to prevent any scratching to your watch's finish and to provide a soft cushion.

First, wrap your watch around the included microsuede pillow. Then place the watch, face-down, into the case. Exercise caution around the threads to prevent any scratching while placing or removing the watch. Screw on the lid until snug. Periodically ensure that there are no contaminants in the case's interior that could scratch your watch.

Where do the Rigid Case's components come from?

The Rigid Case is designed, manufactured, and assembled by hand in the USA from primarily USA-sourced components.

The carbon fiber shell is hand-rolled in Utah, the aluminum and foam are manufactured in Michigan, and the watch pillow is sewn in Florida.

Design and final assembly happen in New York.

Can I add a tracker to the Rigid Case?

Yes. The Rigid Case AirTag Adapter affixes an Apple AirTag to the bottom face of the Rigid Case. The AirTag Adapter is sold separately and can be found here


Orders typically ship within 2 business days of receipt.

Rigid Case includes free shipping in the continental US. Package is expected to arrive within 4 business days of being shipped.

For customers outside the US: You will be presented with multiple shipping options during checkout that reflect various speeds and prices. Please note that these shipping prices include applicable taxes and import duties, preventing you from being charged tax and import duty upon delivery.

Returns & Warranty

Returns: Free returns for any reason within 30 days of purchase, just pay shipping and handling for the return.

Warranty: Temporal Goods' products come with a warranty against manufacturing defects. The Rigid Case is covered by a 1 year limited warranty and the Watch Stand is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Return Policy and Lifetime Warranty are subject to terms and conditions.

Care Instructions

If you'd like a cleaning & polish, you can send us your Rigid Case and we'll perform a tune-up at no charge to you, just pay S&H.

Carbon Fiber: If the carbon fiber on the outside of your case is appearing dull, you can rejuvenate its shine by applying a coat of pure mineral oil. We recommend using non-tinted and unscented mineral oil that can be found at most grocery stores and drug stores. Apply the oil to a cloth rag and wipe onto the case’s carbon fiber surface. Remove excess oil with a clean part of the cloth.

Microsuede: If cleaning is needed, dampen a cloth with water and gently wipe away any dirt with the damp cloth. 

Aluminum: The Rigid Case’s aluminum requires minimal upkeep due to its strong anodized coating. If cleaning is needed, we recommend using isopropyl alcohol that can be found at most drug stores. Dab the isopropyl alcohol onto a cloth and wipe away any smudges on the aluminum surface.